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Château ESCOT

Vineyards – Terroir

Located halfway between the Atlantic ocean and the river Gironde, Chateau Escot perfectly uses the exceptional characteristics of the Médoc region’s terroir, which is the defining feature of Bordeaux’s vineyards. This terroir, with its combination of water, soil, air quality, and fire, is where it all begins. Thanks to the alchemy between these four elements, the grapevines and the wonderful Chateau Escot and Cru Bourgeois wines are born.

The climatic conditions above its castle vineyards are ideal, for it is located on the 45th parallel north, equidistant from the pole and the Equator. That is why the climate is in perfect balance and offers vine bushes enough moisture and warmth throughout the entire vegetative cycle. The ripening of the grapes takes place regularly right until the successful commencement of the wine harvest. The final proof of this is the wine’s harmonic and elegant sensory expression.

Wind, which blows from the ocean and the river, refreshes the grapes even in the greatest summer heat, and it protects them from disease during rainy days.

The charming geography of the land is characterised by loose waves in the terrain (croupes médocaines). Their slight slopes and soil of a sedimentary sort (consisting of gravel, various types of sand, clay, small stones, and cobbles) makes drainage easier after rain. The soil is blessed. Its individual elements give life to the wine bushes, remove excess water, and transfer gathered heat to the grapes.

Chateau Escot utilises its castle vineyards in three locations.

All vineyards are systematically and purposefully rejuvenated, which is how they continue to produce the perfect grapes. The average age of the vineyards is 40 years. Their main varieties include (and will continue to be dominated by) blue varieties. In several years’ time, the vineyards will also produce a small quantity of sweet white wine.

All of these perfect soil and climatic conditions in the castle vineyards support the positive development of the wine bushes, the ripening of their grapes, and the final aromatic intensity and complex sensory expression of these noble wines.



The first is part of an estate in the Lesparre region. The vineyards here have an area of twelve hectares and they planted with varieties of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Saint Christoly

The five-hectare vineyard in the Saint-Christol area, where varieties of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon also reign, reflects its appearance in the water of the Gironde river.


The third location in the vicinity of the wine estate is sprawled out in the cadastre of the village known as Civrac. Its five hectares give rise to varieties of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Petit Verdot.